ACCS is committed to promoting a safe and confidential learning environment for all participants. ACCS acknowledges there may be participants whose lives have been affected by mental health and alcohol and other drugs related issues and every effort is made to ensure that learning content and activities are delivered in a sensitive and respectful manner. With its sister organisations Drug ARM Australasia and the Mental Health Association QLD, ACCS has access to best practice in alcohol and other dugs and mental health.

Our accredited trainers and facilitators have experience across the mental health, community health and alcohol and other drugs sectors. They draw on practical knowledge and professional educational backgrounds to inform the training opportunities.

Why do a Workshop with ACCS?

At ACCS we have a broad scope of professional development training opportunities that relate back to our core sectors of mental health and alcohol and other drugs. ACCS programs offer participants quality training and education that delivers practical outcomes and increased knowledge of mental health, alcohol and other drugs and general wellbeing. As the Registered Training Organisation of the Mental Health Association QLD and Drug ARM Australasia, ACCS has access to best practice in mental health information. We believe that it is important through our training that participants gain Awareness, Skills and Knowledge (ASK) around their desired area of interest.

Workshop Scope

Training Workshop Scope